Switch Bank Accounts

Like 1-2-3

Once you’ve opened an account through AAA, you may want it to become your primary bank. Switching is easier than you think, especially when using our switch guide to help transition.

Switch your automatic payments

Switch your automatic deposits

Close your old accounts

1. Switch your automatic payments

Automatic payments include items like a monthly mortgage, rent or loan payments, health club dues, etc.

  • Cancel current automatic payments coming from your old account.
  • Reschedule using automatic bill pay through your AAA online account.

2. Switch your automatic deposits

Automatic deposits include items such as direct deposit from your employer, pension or retirement benefits, as well as any pre-scheduled deposits made to a savings or checking account, or IRAs.

  • Contact each organization to let them know you’d like to reroute your automatic deposits to a new account.
  • Let them know whether you’d like to deposit into a savings account or a checking account, plus include the account number and routing number. You may need to provide a voided check from your bank account with AAA.

Note: To switch the direct deposit of your Social Security check, call 800-772-1213. For all other U.S. Government issued checks, talk to one of our banking professionals or download the approved form at http://www.fms.treas.gov/eft/fms_form_1200.pdf.

3. Close your old accounts

Notify your current banks that you are closing your account

  • Be sure all checks have cleared.
  • Transfer remaining funds into your AAA bank account.
  • Shred any remaining checks and debit cards associated with your old account to prevent identity theft.

If you’d like a handy way to keep all this information straight, print out our switch kit. It’ll help you make sure you’ve got everything you need to switch your bank accounts easily.