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Even the most experienced driver can benefit from learning about the changes that affect us as we age. AAA’s RoadWise Driver, an Accident Prevention Course for seniors, is designed to positively affect driving behavior and help you learn and adjust to age-related changes. It also shows how many of yesterday's driving methods have been replaced by more advanced, risk-reducing techniques.

The online Accident Prevention Course must be completed through an approved Secretary of State Accident Prevention Course Provider, which includes AAA. This is an eight-hour course based on best practices in traffic safety and the Illinois Rules of the Road and is designed to better prepare drivers with defensive driving tips and techniques. The course must be successfully completed in its entirety with 80% or better of correct responses prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Completion.

This Certificate of Completion may qualify you for a discount on your auto insurance.

In order to benefit from the course you must be able to work independently and be comfortable using a computer. AAA offers this course in a convenient, self-paced online setting. 

  • $19.95 for AAA Members
  • $21.95 for non-members 

For more information, contact drivertraining2@acg.aaa.com or call (866) 659-1317.

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