Tow to Go

Safety is at the heart at all we do.

The goal of The Auto Club Group's Tow to Go program is to prevent injuries and deaths caused by impaired drivers. It reminds party-goers to plan ahead by choosing a designated driver, staying where they are celebrating, or arranging other safe transportation.

Tow to Go operates on most major holidays and offers a free ride to impaired drivers and their vehicles who do not have a safe alternative. Over the past two decades, the program has removed more than 25,000 impaired drivers from the road. It's never safe to drive impaired, so please be sure to plan ahead.


The Auto Club Group is committed to engaging in practices that prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus and support the health and wellness of our associates, service providers, and motoring public. We are continuously monitoring State and Federal agency guidelines to ensure that the most recent recommendations are being followed. Our recommended practices of limiting passengers to one (1) per truck, both driver and passengers wearing a face mask/covering, sanitizing the high touch surfaces of the truck before and after each service call, and lowering of the windows during transportation are currently in compliance with State and Federal guidelines.

Please note, if there should be a rise in COVID-19 positivity rates in a particular market, The Auto Club Group reserves the right to suspend Tow to Go in an effort to keep our employees, members and the motoring public safe.

Important Tow to Go Guidelines:

*Tow to Go Service Areas Toll Free Phone Number
FL, GA, IA, MI, ND, NE, TN, WI, CO (Denver), NC (Charlotte) and IN (Fort Wayne/South Bend) (855) 2-TOW-2-GO or (855) 286-9246

  • Free confidential ride available to AAA Members and non-members.
  • The AAA tow truck transports the vehicle and driver home or somewhere safe within 10 miles.
  • AAA service vehicles are limiting passengers to one (1) per vehicle, with face mask/covering, in accordance with established COVID-19 safety protocols. Additional passengers need to make other arrangements.
  • Appointments cannot be scheduled in advance to use Tow to Go. It is designed as a safety net for those that did not plan ahead. Always choose a designated driver before celebrating.
  • In some situations, AAA may need to make other arrangements to get an impaired individual a safe ride home.
  • Tow to Go may not be available in rural areas or during severe weather conditions.

Tow to Go Holiday Calendar

Holidays Date (Day) of Holiday Days/Times Tow to Go is Provided
Thanksgiving November 25th (Thursday) 6:00PM Wednesday 11/24/2021 TO 6:00AM Monday 11/29/2021
Christmas - New Year's December 25th (Saturday)
January 1st 2022 (Saturday)
6:00PM Friday 12/24/2021 TO 6:00AM Monday 01/03/2022
St. Patrick's Day March 17th (Thursday) 6:00PM Thursday 03/17/2022 TO 6:00AM Monday 03/21/2022
Memorial Day May 30th (Monday) 6:00PM Friday 05/27/2022 TO 6:00AM Tuesday 05/31/2022
Independence Day July 4th (Monday) 6:00PM Friday 07/01/2022 TO 6:00AM Tuesday 07/05/2022
Labor Day September 5th (Monday) 6:00PM Friday 09/02/2022 TO 6:00AM Tuesday 09/06/2022
Thanksgiving November 24th (Thursday) 6:00PM Wednesday 11/23/2022 TO 6:00AM Monday 11/28/2022
Christmas - New Year’s  December 25th (Sunday)
January 1st 2023 (Sunday)
6:00PM Friday 12/23/2022 TO 6:00AM Monday 01/02/2023