For us, safety is a lifetime pursuit.

Since 1902, our mission has been unwavering: the safety and protection of drivers across America. Back when roads were just two ruts in dirt, we were advocating for a national highway system. Since then, we’ve become one of the nation’s most trusted names in insurance services and Roadside Assistance. Today, we continue our commitment to road safety with programs and resources for all ages. You have access to all of it right here. With mindful and cautious roadway use, each one of us can help make a difference. Let’s all be safe out there.

Driver Training

Since its founding, AAA has provided safety education programs for the driving public. Our driver training classes emphasize safety and provide individualized attention. We offer classes to drivers of all skill levels.

AAA Driver Training Courses:

Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe Behind the Wheel

At AAA, driving safety is at the heart of all that we do. This certainly applies to new drivers, who are particularly vulnerable to challenges on the road. Before giving your teen the keys to drive, it’s important to ensure that they are safe – and AAA is here to help.

AAA has been involved in teen driver safety for decades. AAA aims to raise awareness about safe teen driving, while giving you the tools and support you will need to prepare your teen for the road ahead.

Teaching your teen to drive can be an overwhelming process, but parental involvement is key. By having open, honest conversations – and personally showing them the ins and outs of navigating the roadway – the path to mastering life behind the wheel will be much safer for your teen, and everyone else around them.

Here are several tips and resources to help your teen embark on a road toward safe driving

Take the time to plan ahead for safe driving—it’s a leading cause of life.

AAA provides tips and tools that will help you evaluate your driving ability, improve your driving skills, understand the effects of aging, maintain your mobility and independence, and much more.

Even the most experienced drivers can improve their performance behind the wheel. Make this interactive website the next stop on your journey. Take the time to plan ahead for safe driving—it’s a leading cause of life.

Child Safety

From car seat inspections to school safety patrols, AAA educates the public about how to keep our children safe on the roads and off. We provide community and school programs, printed material and online information to promote safety.

AAA Helps You Keep Children Safe With: