Insurance Documents FAQs


AAA – The Auto Club Group recently experienced an issue with regard to printing and mailing certain insurance documents which may have caused some insureds to receive certain insurance documents late. These FAQs are intended to assist with general inquiries regarding the insurance document delay.


Q. I didn’t get my insurance documents in the mail, why?
A. We experienced a printing delay with insurance documents. The issue is being resolved and documents are now being printed and mailed.

Q. Why am I receiving duplicate documents?
A. During the delay, some documents were manually mailed. As a result, some customers may receive a duplicate document as our automated printing and mailing process resumes.

Q. I didn’t receive my insurance bill. What is the status of my policy?
A. During the printing and mailing document delay, we took measures to not cancel impacted policies for non-payment and to include the payment due in the next bill. Please contact us to check the status of your policy or check it online as described below.

Q. How do I determine if anything is due on my insurance policy?
A. Customers can go to or the AAA mobile app to login (if you have an existing account) or register (to create a new account) in order to view policy billing and payment information. Payments can be made while logged into your account.

Q. Why is my monthly installment amount different?
A. To allow customers the opportunity to make up a missed payment during the document delay, future installment amounts may have increased.

Q. Were my lienholder/mortgage documents impacted by this delay?
A. No, all additional interest and mortgagee notifications are sent electronically.

If you would like to enroll in paperless delivery please sign in to your account or click here to create a new account. Then under your Insurance Policy click Manage Paperless.