Why Are People Stealing Catalytic Converters?

Catalytic converter theft is on the rise in Florida. This growing trend has made it important to protect not just what’s inside your car, but what’s underneath it. Catalytic converters, which help control harmful exhaust emissions from your engine, contain valuable, precious metals that can be resold by thieves – and they can cost thousands of dollars to replace! With no serial number or VIN stamped on them by the manufacturer, catalytic converters have rapidly become an easy target for theft.


AAA – The Auto Club Group Helps Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft.

AAA, The Auto Club Group, is pleased to offer catalytic converter theft prevention FREE1 with any other paid service at our two Tampa Bay Area AAA Car Care locations listed below. A technician will apply a non-removable, etched ID# label to your catalytic converter which then can be registered in the theft prevention database.

What You Need to Know.

  • Ask your service advisor at either AAA Car Care location if your vehicle is a good candidate (upon inspection by a AAA Car Care technician to determine that the catalytic converter is visible and reachable) to have your catalytic converter protected with ID labeling.3
  • Catalytic converter labeling is FREE1 in conjunction with any other paid service2 while supplies last at either AAA Car Care location in Florida.
  • After the label is installed, its unique ID code can be uploaded to a secure international tracking database accessible by law enforcement and recyclers.
  • The label installation process takes only minutes and provides valuable protection for your vehicle. However, catalytic converters get very hot during use, so you’ll need to allow sufficient time for your converter to cool down before the label can be applied.

We hope you’ll join us in catalytic converter theft prevention
by visiting a AAA Car Care Tampa Bay Area location for service.
To schedule an appointment, call or visit us online today! Limited time offer, while supplies last.

Learn how the catalytic converter label is installed.

Mechanic under car installing catalytic converter label

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1Labor charges may apply. Ask your service advisor for details.
2Some restrictions and limitations may apply.
3Some vehicles are not good candidates for this service due to the location of the catalytic converter, which also makes them less vulnerable to theft.